Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Overview of chemical treatment for bed bugs

Bed bug chemical treatment, when correctly administered, is a very effective way of controlling bed bugs. Central Ohio Bug Extermination uses a distinctive layered approach in order to achieve the best results.

How to get rid of bed bugs using chemical treatment

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  • Attacks bed bugs in different ways
  • Has a long-term effect, killing even new bugs for a period of time
  • Cost effective bed bug treatment option
  • Long lasting effects to protect your home for longer

How To Prepare For Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Your COBE professional will give you pre-treatment instructions for chemical extermination. Please follow these instructions closely to ensure a successful treatment process. Integrated pest control hinges on the property owner working with the exterminator to discourage bugs from making their home inside a building. Improper preparation and follow-through can cause bed bug chemical treatment to fail.

How Bed Bug Extermination Chemicals Are Applied

Central Ohio Bug Extermination uses a proprietary triple threat of steam, chemical rotation, and dust. All pesticides are EPA-certified and safe for children and pets.

It is possible that some bed bugs will resist the initial treatment. A thorough treatment may require two to three visits and can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours per visit. Larger and more cluttered rooms take longer to process


Steam treatment of bed bugs is very safe and extremely effective. Correctly applied, steam kills bed bugs in all stages of development. Industrial steamers are nothing like household steam machines for clothing or carpets.

Steam works by cooking bed bugs at very high temperatures. This treatment is useful on structural and furniture surfaces, including upholstery, and in gaps.


We follow strict guidelines set forth by the EPA and the label itself. Every chemical we use is EPA certified, kid safe and pet safe once it is dry. We only treat what is necessary to eliminate the bed bugs. Our technicians are fully trained and certified through the State of Ohio. We would never use a pesticide that we wouldn't use at our own home and around our own families.


A dust insecticide is typically applied in spots where chemicals would be dangerous, damaging, or hard to apply. Such spots include electrical outlets, switch plates, baseboards, and other cracks and crevices. Dust can also be useful when applied to the framework of upholstered furniture. Insecticidal dust may contain diatomaceous earth or silica gel. These desiccants literally dehydrate the bugs. While quite effective, dust can be messy if applied too liberally, which is why it is reserved for special areas.

The combination of the steam treatment, rotation of pesticides and dust is what sets our company apart from the others in the industry. The treatment protocol combine with our knowledgeable, well-trained staff will result in an effective treatment.

OPTIONAL - Follow-up To Chemical Treatment

COBE partners with a canine inspection team to ensure that no bed bugs remain. Please discuss this option with your pest control professional.

After a successful chemical treatment for bed bugs, you will need to continue with scrupulous housekeeping. Please see "How to prevent bed bugs" on the Bed Bug FAQs page.

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