Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Overview Of Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Thermal treatment for bed bugs is one of the safest and most effective ways of eliminating these embarrassing pests. Here is an in-depth explanation of Central Ohio Bug Extermination's bed bug heat treatment process.

Heat treatment for bed bugs in Columbus Ohio

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  • Requires NO toxic chemicals
  • Works fast
  • Kills bed bugs in all stages of the lifecycle
  • Allows you to re-enter your home soon after treatment
  • Kills eggs and allows you to be bug free the same day

How Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Works

There is nothing magical about thermal treatment; it simply cooks bed bugs in all stages of life. Every animal and plant wilts and eventually dies in extreme heat, but "extreme" is relative to the species.

Some insects, such as the Pompeii worm, Sahara Desert ant, and tardigrade, can withstand super-high temperatures. However, the bed bug (and most other pests) cannot.

We use a system designed from the ground up specifically for bed bugs. Electric heaters and fans raise the temp of the home to a safe 135 degrees and we hold it for 4 hours. Eliminating all stages of bed bug life, including eggs

How To Prepare For Thermal Treatment of Bed Bugs

Heat treatment of bed bugs does not harm a building's structure, furnishings, or electronics. However, the area to be treated must be empty of humans, animals, and plants. It is also imperative that you remove heat-sensitive items from the area to avoid damage, such as:

  • Food and beverages
  • Medications
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • Household and hobby chemicals

Click here to get complete details on how Central Ohio Bug Extermination treats bed bugs with heat treatment.

How Heat Is Applied

Once the treatment area has been cleared, your COBE professional will set up remote thermometers to monitor the bedbug heat treatment. The technician will then install a special machine, which generates electric heat to raise the air temperature of the building between 130°F and 135°F.

Adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs die instantly at about 122°F, so you can see why bed bug heat treatment is so effective. Very few creatures can survive this high-temperature blast.

OPTIONAL - Follow-up To Thermal Treatment

COBE partners with a canine inspection team to ensure that no bed bugs remain. Please discuss this option with your pest control professional.

Any bed bug that enters your home even immediately afterward can easily start a new infestation. Therefore, you must dedicate yourself to long-term maintenance and prevention efforts.

After a successful heat treatment for bed bugs, you will need to continue with scrupulous housekeeping. Please see "How to prevent bed bugs" on the Bed Bug FAQs page.

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