Bed Bug Treatment

Central Ohio Bug Extermination kills bed bugs using two main methods: heat and chemicals. Whether you choose one type of bed bug treatment or an integrated approach, COBE guarantees confidentiality. Technicians arrive in unmarked vehicles and proceed in a low-key manner for your peace of mind.

Thermal Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

If you have any concerns about the effects of insecticides on you, your household, or your belongings, then heat treatment is the way to go. This method of extermination involves no chemicals whatsoever.

Instead, special equipment heats the air in your home and essentially cooks bed bugs in all stages of the lifecycle. Once the heat treatment has ended, you can re-enter your home on the same day, with no worry about exposure to potential toxins.

For more information on thermal bed bug treatment,
please visit the Heat Treatment page.

Chemical Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Insecticides, or pesticides, are the classic way of treating bed bugs and other bugs. Many of the chemicals that Central Ohio Bug Extermination uses are not available to the public. Therefore, there is no way to treat bed bugs safely and effectively on your own.

Chemical treatment of bed bugs may take several rounds before it is effective. After each bed bug treatment, you must wait until the chemicals are dry and the exterminator tells you that it is safe to re-enter your home.

For more information on chemical bed bug treatment,
please visit the Chemical Treatment page.

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