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COBE Offers Complete Pest Control Services

Central Ohio Bug Extermination handles more than just bedbugs. COBE is a comprehensive pest control service. From 50 pairs of legs to furry ones, if it is not welcome in your home or business, COBE will exterminate, trap, or otherwise remove it.

COBE Provides Pest Control Services For The Following

Ants Bed Bugs Bees Beetles
Centipedes Cicadas Crickets Earwigs
Fleas Flies Gnats Hornets
Kissing Bugs Lady Bugs Lice Millipedes
Mites Mosquitoes Pill bugs Silverfish
Stinkbugs Termites Ticks Wasps
Water Conducting Fungi Worms Yellow Jackets  

Details On Arthropod Extermination


Carpenter ants are very common and can cause significant damage to a building. The ants may be nesting outside your building, coming in only to look for food. However, it is possible that carpenter ants have set up their colony inside.

COBE can inspect your property thoroughly to identify the primary colony and any satellite colonies. Treatment typically includes a combination of granular and gel bait. Follow-up with diligent housekeeping is essential.


Springtime is bee time —especially for carpenter bees. These industrious insects damage buildings by boring into wood to make their homes. Unlike other bees, carpenter bees are solitary, which is why they nest in existing wood structures.

wood structures. Carpenter bees do not live in hives; instead, look for holes on the underside of wood surfaces and a sawdust-like material below. COBE can identify your bee type, assess the damage, and formulate an extermination strategy, which is usually a combination of spraying and dusting


If you have fleas, your own Spot and Puff are likely the culprits. In rural areas, wild animals can pass fleas to your indoor/outdoor animals.

Modern flea treatments obtained from your veterinarian continue to kill fleas as they are attracted to and jump onto your pets. Therefore, treating your animals can significantly control a flea problem. Daily vacuuming can help control these minuscule bugs.

Fleas can live for months without food, in fibers such as carpets and upholstery. If you have moved to a new urban building and have no pets, the fleas will bite humans for food. These pests may be left over from previous occupants or migrate from neighbors in a multi-family dwelling.

COBE uses a combination of an adulticide and an insect growth regulator to treat your property. Although the flea population will decline immediately, you will notice resurgence about five days later, when the existing eggs hatch. The residual effects of the chemical product will eventually kill these new fleas as well.

Gnats & Fruit Flies

Tiny gnats and fruit flies tend to breed in your kitchen sink drain. COBE can clean drains with a chemical product and set traps as well. However, proper sanitation efforts, such as emptying trashcans, cleaning sinks, and storing food in airtight containers, is essential to preventing a recurrence.


The most common type of cockroach in the United States is, ironically, the German cockroach. These pests bear many diseases, and even dead cockroaches can cause allergic symptoms. The bugs are easy to spot, but even if you do not see them, you will notice a peppery fecal matter

COBE attacks cockroaches with a different baits and pesticide spray. This combination of chemicals sidesteps the problem of bugs that are resistant to certain active ingredients.

You can complement professional pest control with good housekeeping. Never leave food, garbage, spills, or grease on kitchen surfaces. When your kitchen is clean, roaches have no choice but to eat the bait.


While not insects, spiders certainly fall under the "bug" category. When trees are close to a building, spiders tend to make their way indoors. COBE can spray the interior and exterior of your building to kill and repel spiders.

To keep new spiders from making an appearance, the primary course of action is to completely seal any potential entryways — a tedious job. Such entryways include gaps around doors, pipes, and conduits for wiring.


A single termite cannot eat a large volume of wood. Even a colony of millions takes years to cause noticeable damage. The problem is that by the time a termite problem becomes evident, the damage is likely significant.

If you suspect a termite infestation, call Central Ohio Bug Extermination. An in-house termite expert can conduct a free evaluation of your property.

Mice & Rats

If you have a rat or mouse in the house, you may actually spot it, but you will more often see signs such as droppings or nesting materials. These rodents will chew through cardboard to get to food items, so you will notice holes on food packaging right away. COBE addresses mice and rats with a combination of bait and traps.



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